Too Bad Justice

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Sometimes, a horse comes in that needs a little more time to mentally adjust to life on the farm.  Justin is a prime example!.  When he came to us, he was tense and constantly worried about the other horses.  While he always tried his best to be good and respectful, there was an underlying tension that made it difficult to get through to him.  Fast forward a few months and Justin is a different horse!  We put him out to pasture with a few buddies and just let him be for a time.  The horse that came in to work today is completely different than the horse we started with!.  Justin loves to be groomed and stands perfectly on the crossties.  He stood through a storm that suddenly appeared and then went to work like an old pro!  One of his pasture mates even called a few times but he didn't respond at all.  Under saddle, he was quiet and willing.  He held a lovely rhythm and had great brakes.  Justin is light in the bridle and a little turnout has settled him into a solid citizen! This guy has all the pieces to make someone a fun and winning partner! Justin had a very respectable career on the track. He is stakes placed and won over $253,000 in 23 races. He retired sound with no issues or limitations.


 Located in Summerfield, NC


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