Blue Line Rehabilitation Center

 Offering high end rehabilitation and layup boarding for your equine partner.  


Blue Line Farm Rehabilitation Center offers top quality, worry-free care for your equine. Our services include short or long term care during stall rest, hand-walking, and limited turnout.  We can help get the best results during injury rehab, post-surgery care, wound care, eye treatments, and other unique situations.  We also offer continued care and training while returning to under saddle work with a professional as well.  

BLF works with your vet or ours to ensure the best possible outcome for each individual situation.  We will closely follow a vet recommended plan tailored to the needs of your specific horse.  We have highly qualified staff available for daily care routines as well as holding for vet, farrier, and other appointments necessary for optimized recovery.  

 Blue Line Farm Rehabilitation Center operates out of the beautiful Polo Farms, conveniently located in Summerfield, NC.  This facility is easily accessible from the highway and is centrally located just north of Greensboro, NC.  The barn is peaceful, open, and airy with high ceilings and great airflow.   We can make stall rest as comfortable as possible with seven available stalls that measure 12' x 14'.  When horses are ready for turnout, we have several paddocks ranging in size from 40' x 40' up to full size pasture for grazing.  We also have a large enclosed arena for safe hand-walking as well as our sport horse facility right across the street!

While in our care, your horse will have a team of dedicated staff with decades of experience in all aspects of equine care.  We also have a long standing relationship with our local full service veterinary hospital which provides amazing 24 hour emergency care.  Each horse is treated like one of our own!


Services Offered

Individual, well bedded 12' x 14' stall

Unlimited grass hay and top quality feed

Administration of appropriate medications

Wrapping/wound care appropriate to individual

Holding for vet, farrier, and other appointments

Grooming and hoof care as needed

Blanketing as needed

Fly protection as needed

Private turnout appropriate to individual needs

Hand walking

Cold hosing


 Let Blue Line Farm help reduce some of the stress by providing the best possible care for your equine during their recovery! Please reach out to us for more information and rates. 


Contact Us via email

or by phone (call or text) (336) 392-4958